Team roflgator wins $75K Twitch Rivals MultiVersus Season 1 tournament: Full results

MultiVersus Twitch Rivals graphicTwitch / Warner Bros

MultiVersus competitions for Season 1 heated up, with a a staggering $75K prize pool having been on the line for the recent Twitch Rivals event series. While it was Team roflgator that won the Championship Bracket, we’ve got you covered with a full rundown on the results.

Just weeks after MultiVersus launched its very first season, the free-to-play fighter has already captivated the masses. With millions jumping in daily and many more watching along online, Twitch looked to capitalize with the biggest competition thus far.

$75,000 was up for grabs across three regions as duos in NA, EMEA, and LATAM battled it out. Team roflgator ultimately won the entire event, but the competition was fierce.

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To catch up on the full tournament, we’ve got you covered here with everything you need to know about the Twitch Rivals MultiVersus Season 1 tournament.

$75K Twitch Rivals MultiVersus Season 1 Tournament Final Results:

1stTeam roflgator (roftlgator, tevin_vr) $3,000
2ndTeam ZVCH (ZVCH, Triumph)$2,000
3rdTeam Dyrus (Dyrus, HappensMVS)$1,600
3rdTeam ProblemWright (ProblemWright, SaveTyme)$1,600

Twitch Rivals MultiVersus Season 1 event: Schedule & Streams

The high-stakes MultiVersus tournament began on 8AM PT on Wednesday, August 31. It started with the EMEA leg of the competition, then jumped to LATAM at 1PM PT, then winded down with NA from 2PM PT. It really was a full day of action.

As you would expect from a Twitch Rivals event, the full broadcast featured on the official Twitch Rivals channel from start to finish.

Twitch Rivals MultiVersus Season 1 event: Format & Prize

16 Duos in each region threw down in MultiVersus as Twitch Rivals kicked off. First, they split into a single round-robin group stage consisting of four teams each. Matches during this stage were all best of three.

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From there, the top 16 teams advanced to a single elimination bracket and were seeded based on their earlier performance. Once again, all matches were best of three here except for the final round which jumped to a best of five.

Throughout the event, Duos had four ringouts in total with a seven-minute time limit to get the job done. It’s also worth noting that no characters were banned, meaning they were all fair play.

With a collective $75,000 prize pool, each region was set to compete for $25,000 in total. Below is a breakdown of the final split.

Group Stage Prizing ($7,200 total)

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Match ResultPrize per TeamPrizing per Player

Playoff Prizing ($17,800 total)

PlacementPrize per TeamPrizing per Player
3rd – 4th$1,600$800
5th – 8th$1,000$500
8th – 16th$700$350

Twitch Rivals MultiVersus Season 1 event: Players

With three regions jumping into the action, the field was definitely stacked. This included big name players, such as Dyrus along with popular Twitch stars like LIRIK. Here is a list of all the players who were involved in the NA Twitch Rivals MultiVersus Season 1 event:

Team Anthony_Kongphan (Anthony_Kongphan, Grimmmz)
Team BeatEmUps (BeatEmUps, Skootish)
Team DotoDoya (DotoDoya, SeeReaxTV)
Team Dyrus (Dyrus, HappensMVS)
Team JERICHO (JERICHO, ilology)
Team Joe_Bartolozzi (Joe_Bartolozzi, JoJoThaMoFo)
Team Linkus7 (Linkus7, YourFriendAidan)
Team LIRIK (LIRIK, buddha)
Team Macro (Macro, RedRiotRoss)
Team MysticatLive (MysticatLive, FireBreathManLive)
Team Otto (Otto, wtf_neptune)
Team pokelawls (pokelawls, CrazySlick)
Team ProblemWright (ProblemWright, SaveTyme)
Team roflgator (roflgator, tevin_vr)
Team Viancyy (Viancyy, IToxicNuk)
Team ZVCH (ZVCH, Triumph)