Overwatch streamer destroys setup in fit of rage after losing close game

Michael Gwilliam
snuffles streams on twitch

A frustrated Overwatch Twitch streamer absolutely lost control of himself after losing a payload match on Watchpoint Gibraltar and completely destroyed his setup in a fit of rage.

Overwatch games are designed in such a way that they’re never really over until they’re over. Comebacks happen all the time in Blizzard’s hero shooter, but when you fall short, it never feels good.

That’s exactly what happened to Twitch streamer Snuffles during a May broadcast when his team failed to capture Point A on attack and needed a steady defense to pull off a victory.

Despite the rocky attack, his team appeared to be pulling off a stellar defensive effort, needing to prevent the enemy squad from pushing the payload towards the first checkpoint.

Even though the streamer and his team tried their best, they ended up faltering, ending with an enemy Doomfist pushing deep into Snuffles’ spawn to keep him from contesting as Winston.

“F**k you, you f***ing b****!” the Twitch streamer cried out after being punched back into a wall by the Doomfist player.

Shortly thereafter, the defeat screen popped up, resulting in a rage-induced freak out by Snuffles who hammered down at his keyboard with both fists.


As his fists slammed down onto his setup, the streamer’s webcam went dark, he exited out the game and an error message appeared on his desktop.

“Oh my!” he shouted before his voice was cut off and the only thing audible was the Play of the Game in the background.

After this, the streamer seemed to be having some issues with his broadcast and couldn’t return to the stream.

On Twitter a few days later, he posted a photo of his broken desk following the incident with tape used to “fix” it.

“Nothing a little tape can’t fix,” he captioned.

Raging in any game is never fun, but ruining a setup because of it is even worse. Hopefully, the streamer can get his anger under control so he doesn’t end up hurting himself or damaging more of his property in the future, though he has since promised angry-free streams. Only time will tell if he can keep it up.

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