xQc loses it at chat after terrifying “leak” prank by IShowSpeed

Shay Robson

Streaming star xQc absolutely lost his mind with his chat after IShowSpeed told his fans to troll him with a terrifying prank.

xQc has been one of the biggest streamers on the internet for years, with a massive 12 million followers on Twitch alone, and many more on rival platform Kick after signing a whopping $100M deal with the site.

Similarly, young star IShowSpeed has made a huge name for himself online in recent years, known for his over-the-top and sometimes crazy antics such as setting off a firework indoors.

xQc baffled as IShowSpeed pranks him

In a recent January 26 broadcast, IShowSpeed took a different approach to causing some mayhem, pulling a prank on fellow streamer xQc that left him terrified. The 19-year-old instructed his fans to flood xQc’s chat saying that his “d*ck got leaked on Twitter.”

xQc was casually minding his own business when he was interrupted by a wave of viewers who began spamming his chat. Messages varied, although it’s clear confusion and fear kicked in for xQc.

For a moment, the Twitch star sat in silence as he scoured the internet. But, with it being an elaborate prank by the hands of IShowSpeed, he of course found nothing, adding to his confusion.

“Guys, holy f**k, what the f**k just happened? Guys why are you all sending that at the same time,” said the Twitch star. “My heart went to like one million. What the f**k.”

“No shit I checked it you f**king moron,” he hit back at one fan.

xQc added: “You want to know why I got scared chat? Guys, my meat is somewhere digitally. It is somewhere out there. Just how it is.”

While xQc was terrified, IShowSpeed loved every second of it. “Get trolled. Get f**king trolled,” he said while laughing.

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