xQc teases moving again after IP leak ruins Twitch stream

Connor Bennett
Twitch streamer xQc wearing white t-shirt and HyperX gaming headset

Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has revealed that he could be on the move again and have to switch homes after his stream was ruined by his IP being leaked. 

As fans of xQc are well aware, the Canadian streaming star has been on the move quite a few times. Over the last few years, he’s split his time between Texas and his native Canada, with a few stops in LA along the way. 

He’s had to move due to visa issues – typically going back to Canada when it’s up for renewal – but he’s moved around the US a few times on the basis of security. xQc has said a few times that his properties have been broken into, with him needing to get the police involved time and time again. 

This has been done because of people doxxing him – finding his private information through one way or another – but he’s also slipped up. He’s revealed his IP a few times over the years, which allows trolls to track him down and even stop him from going live. 

xQc suggests he may move again after IP leak ruins stream

Well, that happened again during his May 22 stream, as xQc was only live for around 10 minutes before he ran into technical trouble. 

He claimed, in a Twitch chat message, that he was the subject of a DDoS attack which meant he couldn’t stream. While he attempted to fix it, xQc had no luck in doing so as his May 22 stream was written off. 

On top of that, the streamer’s solution to the issue appeared to be a pretty nuclear one, as he suggested he might be moving. “Just kidding. I’m getting out of here. I’ll miss this place but this was home to great and horrible memories,” he tweeted. “It’s better left behind.” 

If he is on the move again, that means xQc’s backdrop – which included that wild blanket of Dr Disrespect, that even had him questioning things – would be about to change once again. 

As he noted, that house has been the backdrop to some pretty big drama on his stream over the last few months, including his break-up with Adept and having fellow streamer Nyyxxii on as a part of a brief relationship. So, who knows what his next step is.

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