xQc takes aim at Ludwig’s Twitch sub record with his own subathon

Twitch: xQc/Ludwig

Popular Twitch Streamer xQc has revealed he has plans to overtake fellow streamer Ludwig’s sub record with his own subathon, after Ludwig broke records earlier in April. 

On March 14, Ludwig made the ambitious promise to keep his Twitch stream online for an extra 10 seconds every time a viewer subscribed to his channel or gifted “bits”.

His ‘subathon’ very quickly went viral. And at moments, the countdown timer hit heights of 60+ hours or it would go down to just a single second. Ludwig became Twitch’s most subscribed streamer in the process.

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After one whole month, the seemingly endless stream actually ended after 31 days – the cap set by Ludwig – with the streamer achieving more than $1 million in subs ⁠— though he may walk away with less than 6% ⁠of that — and climbed to more than 2.6m followers.

Ludwig Twitch stream subathon finally ends after 30 days.Twitch: Ludwig
Ludwig’s Twitch stream subathon ended after 31 days

Now xQc wants to beat that.

It’s unsurprising that Lengyel wants to try it for himself. he’s already the most-watch streamer, and after Twitch announced that they are clamping down on over 7 million bots that were found to be artificially boosting account numbers, xQc was one of the figures to be impacted.

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According to multiple Twitch tracking websites, the Canadian streamer appeared to have lost a whopping 2 million followers in the last couple of weeks. However, he said he doesn’t really care about that.

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In a stream on Sunday, April 18, he revealed how he would go about attempting to break Ludwig’s record. He said he’d start his subathon around 6 weeks after Ludwig’s “so all the primes are reset,” before claiming, “we’ll beat the record by a longshot.”

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His confidence is clearly high, with the streamer adding, “to make it an easier race I’m gonna put myself like one second below his threshold so it means more…I’m going to hire a couple of guys, I’m going to pre-pay them, and whenever we’re running low on content and shit like that, they’re going to donate 100 subs and we’re going to release the fake gift cap, get that sh*t going back up.”

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Ludwig’s sub haul is now the clear highest in Twitch history, beating Ninja’s all-time subscriber record —  an incredible 269,154 subscribers before defecting to Mixer — as well as overtaking other huge Twitch stars like Ranboolive (114,387 just last month), Shroud (101,588 in 2019), and Summit1g (94,941 in 2020).

If anyone could beat it though, it would be xQc.

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