Ludwig banned from Instagram for absurd reason after attending Logan vs Mayweather fight

LudwigAhgren banned on InstagramTwitter/LudwigAhgren

Popular Twitch streamer Ludwig Ahgren has been banned from Instagram after he posted a strange photo while in attendance at the Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather boxing fight.

The fight between professional undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather and YouTuber Logan Paul took the internet by storm leading up to, throughout and after their June 6 bout.

In a surprise twist finish, Logan Paul managed to go the distance, lasting all eight rounds with Mayweather and avoiding being knocked out – a testament to either the YouTuber’s youthful endurance or Floyd’s age finally setting in.

Content creators from across the United States were in attendance for the spectacle, including Twitch’s subscription record holder, Ludwig Ahgren.

Logan Paul hits Mayweather with a powerful punchAmanda Westcott for SHOWTIME
Many content creators were in attendance for Mayweather vs Logan Paul.

After the fight had finished, many people in attendance had pictures and videos taken in the ring. In one video, Team Envy chess streamer Alexandra Botez bit her sister Andrea on the arm.

However, Ludwig’s photo, taken with his friend ‘Slime’ was deemed inappropriate for Instagram and banned the streamer for a whopping seven days.

The photo, which was also posted to Twitter under the joking caption “met Joe Rogan at the fight” showed both Ludwig and Slime in the ring with their hands in each other’s pants and their fingers touching.

For whatever reason Instagram didn’t take too kindly to the photo and hit Ludwig with a seven day ban on the platform.

“Got banned for a week on Insta for posting this exact pic,” Ludwig wrote.

It’s not clear why Ludwig’s photo warranted such a significant suspension or what policies it may have violated. Unfortunately, the streamer didn’t elaborate on the reason or post a screenshot from Instagram explaining why.

Interestingly, the ban comes only days after Ludwig’s girlfriend QTCinderella was suspended from Instagram after being “mass reported” by “very cool kids.”

In any case, this is probably a good indication not to post pictures of your hands down your pants touching another man’s finger on your Instagram account, unless of course, you want to be suspended.