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NELK Boys’ $100,000 donation helps police catch fatal highway shootout suspects

Published: 8/Jun/2021 16:03

by Lauren Bergin


NELK Boys Kyle Forgeared and Steve Deleonardis donated a six figure sum to local law enforcement which, in turn, helped them track down the two main suspects in a fatal highway shooting case. 

There are few faces more recognizable among internet enthusiasts than the NELK Boys, Kyle Forgeared and Steve Deleonardis. Renowned for their elaborate pranks, the duo have become internet sensations.

Their influence extends outside of the virtual realms of the internet, though. The YouTube stars have been pretty outspoken against a new wave of Crypto currency scams that they claim are “disgusting” and born out of greed.

Continuing on their path to make a difference in the real world, the duo have donated a six-figure sum to law enforcement in California in order to raise the bounty on two suspected murderers.


SteveWillDoIt Kyle Forgeard Nelk
Instagram: stevewilldoit
The NELK Boys’ random act of charity proves they’re trying to use their platform wisely.

NELK Boys donate $100,000 to law enforcement

TMZ reported that, in response to a fetal highway shootout that left a six-year-old boy dead, the NELK team have donated $100,000 to the Orange County police department in order to raise the reward for catching the two shooters.

The incident occurred on May 21, where two armed figures shot and killed young Aiden Leos while his mother drove him to kindergarten. The incident has been described as a “road rage killing.”

Disturbed by the news, the duo (who reside in OC) donated $100,000 US alongside their partner, John Shahidi on May 30. The reward for the criminal’s arrest skyrocketed to $500,000.

A week later on June 6, the California Highway Patrol confirmed that two suspects had been taken into custody regarding the incident. 23-year-old Wynne Lee and 24-year-old Marcus Anthony Eriz were found near where the shooting happened and are expected to be charged with murder.


NELK boys
Twitter: nelkboys
The NELK team donated $100,000 US to the Orange County police’s bounty.

While the entire situation has baffled critics, the main thing is that the investigation into Aiden Leos’ death has shifted forwards thanks to their contribution.

The NELK Boys have not commented on the situation as of yet, but we’ll ensure that this piece remains up to date with the latest news.