Loserfruit admits Twitch career could be coming to an end

Brad Norton
Losefruit posing in her merchandise
Twitter: loserfruit

Popular Australian content creator Kathleen ‘Loserfruit’ Belsten might be nearing the end of her online career as the social media celeb admitted she’s “falling out of love” with the lifestyle.

At 28 years of age, Loserfruit has paved her way as one of the biggest personalities in the gaming industry. From her time in the Click Crew, to being selected for the second Icon Series skin in Fortnite, she’s accomplished a great deal through content creation.

With more than 2.5 million followers on Twitch and over 3.3 million YouTube subscribers, she’s amassed an enormous community over the years. However, her time as an online entertainer could soon be winding down. 

After years of helping lead the charge for female content creators, Loserfruit is now “falling out of love with making content,” she admitted on March 21.

“[Had] this gnawing feeling for a while that I should do something different and provide something to this world – but have no idea what.” 

Closing in on eight years of activity online, Losefruit appears to be seeking a big change from her current career. “Just can’t fight this feeling some days that what I love to do/used to love to do isn’t helping. I still need to find another purpose that can provide something to the world.”

While she doesn’t quite have that “something” figured out for now, Loserfruit reassured fans she isn’t moving on just yet. “I still get happiness from making videos. I will take no break because I will go mad not doing anything.

“I just maybe need to rework the way I do things and dedicate some days to doing something different.”

Despite taking lengthy breaks from streaming in the past, fans of Loserfruit can still expect to see her online in the immediate future. 

Perhaps with a different schedule or even a new video game release, her passion might be reinvigorated. Just how long she intends to keep going as a full-time content creator remains up in the air though.