Ludwig becomes most-subbed Twitch streamer with insane 150-hour subathon

Twitch: Ludwig

Twitch streamer Ludwig Ahgren has become the most subscribed Twitch streamer on the platform, according to stats, thanks to an insane “Subathon” stream, that has been going for over 6 days.

Having only just recovered from a burst appendix, on March 14 Ludwig decided to run a ‘Subathon’ stream, which would allow viewers to control the amount of time he would have to spend streaming by subscribing to him.

Each subscription would add 15 seconds to the timer, meaning if he were to receive at least one sub every 15 seconds, and if he stuck to the rules, he would technically have to keep streaming forever.

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Despite some backlash, The stream has attracted a lot of attention Ludwig has had over 30,000 viewers just when sleeping, with his waking streams peaking at 75,000 viewers.

ludwig in bed during subathonLudwig
Ludwig’s ‘sleep streams’ have dominated Twitch.

Ludwig becomes No1 subbed streamer

On March 21 2021, Ludwig became the most-subscribed Twitch streamer, eclipsing Minecraft streamer Ranboo, according to stats from TwitchTracker, which show his sub count reached over 92,635.

Twitch does not publicly disclose subscription figures, and so these numbers are only estimates provided by Twitch Tracker. However, stats gathered from u/raddog86 estimate Ludwig’s current total at 91,852, so we know we’re in the right ballpark.

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Ranboo has fallen to second place, with TwitchTracker data showing his active subscriber count to be just over 71k, while xQc sits third.

TwitchTracker sub stats Ludwig

All these subs have put a lot of money into Ludwig’s pockets. Stats from u/raddog86 estimate over $350,000 has been spent on subscriptions, with Ludwig set to receive almost $150,000 after tax. Half of that money, however, he intends to give to charity.

Ludwig has a long, long way to go if he is to reach the all-time record held by Ninja, who achieved over 269,000 active subscribers back in April 2018.

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As things stand, Ludwig has eclipsed the 150-hour mark with 60 hours left on the timer. There’s a marginal rate of decline occurring at the moment, with projections showing he will be streaming for a total of roughly 300 hours.

The stream wasn’t initially expected to last this long. Originally, subscriptions were supposed to add 10 seconds to the timer, but a glitch caused 15 seconds to be added instead.

The Guinness World Record for longest livestream is 259 hours, and it’s looking like Ludwig will be eclipsing that feat very soon. However, as he’s had to break his stream up into chunks it won’t officially count.

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Whether Ludwig will persevere much longer with the current system remains to be seen, but it’s likely at some point he will need to reduce the amount of time a subscription adds to the timer. Otherwise, he could well end up streaming forever.

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