Loserfruit explains why she needed to take a break from streaming

Connor Bennett
YouTube: LoserFruit

Popular Australian streamer Kathleen ‘Loserfruit’ Belsten has explained why she needed to put a temporary pause on creating content and take a break for herself.

As one of Twitch’s most popular female streamers, Losefruit can usually be found entertaining thousands of fans with her content – be it playing something like Grand Theft Auto or just having a chat with them. 

Though, recently, the Australian content creator decided to hit pause on things and took a week-long break. After making her return, Lufu has explained why that break was much-needed and revealed what she did with her time off.

YouTube: Loserfruit
Loserfruit recently moved out of the Click House and explained the situation to her fans in a ‘tell-all’ video.

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In her explanation video from March 28, the popular streamer said she had to take a break because of a few main points. “I felt super overwhelmed by life, the things on my to-do list were never-ending,” she said.

“I wasn’t proud of one of my videos. I wasn’t proud of who I was in videos,” the streamer added, noting that she didn’t feel “present” in some recordings and would find herself wandering somewhere else while “robotically” recording. “There was too much going on that I couldn’t focus on one thing,” Loserfruit continued. 

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The Aussie also added that at one point she was “constantly exhausted” and felt like being “really mean” online. “I’m a very hesitant and shy person but I was almost about to type some mean comments some people’s way – let’s bring out the hate on other people so I can feel better about myself – and I don’t think that’s healthy,” she also noted. 

As for actually taking a break, Lufu said that she spent a few days wanting to stream but ultimately didn’t – though she still worked by recording an episode of her podcast. Instead, she did productive things for herself and though she thought about taking a further week’s break, she didn’t.

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As a result of taking a break and getting a few small wins out of it, Loserfruit implored anyone else that is in a similar boat to take time for themselves – even if it is a few minutes, and not a full week. 

That, she added, can make you feel a bit more confident about yourself and bring you back to where you need to be.