Loserfruit reveals why she decided to leave the Click Crew content house

Published: 5/Mar/2020 4:27

by Isaac McIntyre


YouTube star Kathleen ‘Loserfruit’ Belsten has revealed why she decided to leave the Click Crew’s famous Sydney content house just eighteen months after moving in, and what her plans are now that the Click House is no more.

Loserfruit has already had a huge 2020. Alongside Nathan ‘Crayator’ Ryan and Team Liquid content creator Fasffy, the 27-year-old led a 36-hour livestream with the Click Crew to raise more than $300,000 for the Australian bushfire crisis.

In the behind-the-scenes world of the Click Crew, however, the content house that the group had established back in mid-2018 was coming to an end, at least in part. Eighteen months, and a house swap later, Lufu headed out the door.

Loserfruit explains what happened with the Click House
YouTube: Loserfruit
Loserfruit explained the whole Click House situation to her fans in a ‘tell-all’ video.

Why did the Click House come to an end?

According to the Australian star, who broke down the main reasons why she had walked out the Click House door in a YouTube video, the house began to drift apart after the group made the call to switch locations a year in.

Whereas the first house boasted Lufu, Cray, Brodey ‘Bazza’ de Meur, Elliott ‘Muselk’ Watkins, and Marcus Butler, the second house began to shrink. Muselk never moved into house two, and Belsten’s boyfriend Marcus left Click soon after.

All of this, as well as the fact the group who were left, seriously slowed down production of their regular videos, to the point where they released nothing in January and February 2020, made it all feel like it “wasn’t Click.”

Loserfruit and Cray laugh at each other
Instagram: Loserfruit
Loserfruit lived with fellow Click star Cray, as well as a number of other Click Crew creators, during her time at the house.

“It just didn’t feel like the Click House to us anymore, and if it didn’t feel like the Click House then why were we doing it in the first place,” Loserfruit said.

“Basically, we realized that it just wasn’t useful [to be in the same house], because we could still make Click videos and not live in the same house. It was that kind of vibe, we started to ask why we were in the house together.

“That all came alive in the second house even more so, where we never filmed, we never did anything. The only thing we really did do together was stuff for my videos, so at least I was capitalizing on it where I could, in the end.”

Twitter: ClickCrew
Click Crew (including a photoshopped Cray) are looking to return strong in 2020.

Lufu believes Click will be better after ditching the house

Click Crew’s lavish Sydney content house may be coming to an end after two years housing some of Australia’s biggest online stars, but Loserfruit doesn’t think it’s going to be a bad thing for the group at all.

Sure, it will be “scary,” she admitted, and the Aussie YouTuber knows she’s going to be “sad the house has ended” for a while, but if it means Click can continue to grow again, and not get stuck because of the house, she’s game.

“We were already seeing each other a lot, and when you see your best friends every day, you don’t have new things to say, so when you then have to film together on top of spending time together it’s like ‘what do I say, what do I do?’” she said.

“I don’t think our houses crumbled, both were incredibly successful, and I believe that. They were great, and now they’re just coming to their rightful end. I think it’s the best decision we have made. We had to end the Click House.”

For mobile readers, the related segment begins at 3:46 in the video below.

While Loserfruit living at the Click House has come to an end, the Click Crew — which also includes Fortnite stars LazarBeam and MrFreshAsian — itself is far from over. In fact, their multi-month hiatus just ended with a new video.

Lufu also believes it will be for the best. “It will give us more pure energy for our content,” she said. “It’s going to make everything we do with Click so much better. It’s sad we don’t have the house the way it was, but I think it’s for the best.”

Keep your eyes peeled for new Loserfruit videos too. The 27-year-old has her hands full moving out of the Click House, and has confirmed she’ll be “doing a lot fewer streams,” but the Aussie will be back on YouTube soon enough.


Sodapoppin & The Kittens explain why they’ve quit OfflineTV’s Rust server

Published: 19/Jan/2021 13:44

by Connor Bennett


Chance ‘Sodapoppin’ Morris and Vigors, two key members of the Kitten’s group on the OfflineTV Rust server, are taking a break from the RP server. 

Even though Rust was first released in 2013, it’s experienced incredible levels of popularity in recent weeks thanks to some of Twitch’s biggest streamers.

They’ve, mostly, been flocking to the OfflineTV servers – The Badlands and The Divide – for a bit of roleplaying and PVP action, and it’s given fans some incredible moments. 

While some players have called it out as a phase, and are expecting streamers to move on in one fell swoop, they haven’t just yet. However, a few names are starting to depart from the server, even if it’s just for a break. 

rust vehicle
Facepunch Studios
Creator’s have flocked to OfflineT’sV RP server ‘The Divide’.

The main two that have departed so far are Sodapoppin and Vigors. They make up part of the Kittens group on the OfflineTV RP server, where they finish every sentence by saying meow. 

Sodapoppin hinted at quitting a few weeks back when the OfflineTV server first got going, but didn’t, and moved over to the new server when more creators where invited. 

He hasn’t played Rust – on stream, anyway – since January 17, saying he’s just not in the mood. “I don’t feel like streaming Rust at atm,” he tweeted on January 18 after a creator skin for his group went live. “I streamed it for 2 hours, but they now made it a drop for mostly everyone’s channel since I have no interest in streaming Rust which is awesome, just filling y’all in.”

Vigors echoed Sodapoppin’s tweet a few hours later, hinting at more members of the Kittens taking a break from Rust.

“Our dumb little group had a fun as f**k time on the rust server but we deciding to take a break for now, he posted. “Met a f**k ton of dope people and am glad I got to experience this last month. Meow.”

In his day not playing Rust, Sodapoppin has still been streaming, but he and others have moved on to different multiplayer games. He’s even made a few returns to VRChat, even getting his Dad to experience it. 

The group could very well return to Rust at some point in the future, but that’ll be up to them. Who knows, everyone else might have moved on to something else by the time they’re ready.