Logan Paul reveals pitch to form WWE’s most despised tag team

Ethan Dean
Logan Paul WWE header

Logan Paul’s eventful WWE run has turned doubters to believers as far as his in-ring ability is concerned. Now, he wants to throw away what little goodwill he’s earned in the scene by teaming up with a notorious heel.

When Logan Paul isn’t flogging Prime to anyone with eyes or challenging UFC champions to boxing matches, he’s making a name for himself in WWE. He’s actually a pretty impressive wrestler with two SummerSlam victories under his belt.

Paul’s been part of some viral moments in his time with the company leading to a recent feud with Ricochet. Following his victory in that particular beef, Paul needs a new story to pursue in WWE and he has a fair idea.

In an episode of his Impaulsive podcast, Logan Paul revealed his desire to enter the tag team division. To do this, he wants to form an alliance with the most hated man in the business today, hardened criminal Dominik Mysterio.

Logan Paul’s pitch for the unholy alliance in WWE

Dominik is the son of legendary luchador and WWE Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio. His on-screen antics in the WWE had him attacking and disrespecting his esteemed father before long.

As a result, the WWE universe loves to hate Dominik Mysterio and Logan Paul sees it as an opportunity. “Logan Paul, Dominik Mysterio, tag team,” Paul announced. “The most hated duo of all time, the most hated tag team partners in the WWE just crushing it.”

It’s hard to imagine a figure in the WWE being more despised than Logan Paul but Dominik fits the bill. “Dominik can not get a word out. He lifts the microphone to his mouth and the whole arena boos,” Paul explained.

If the two were to team up, Logan Paul would have his work cut out for him as the mouthpiece of the crew. It’s unknown if the alliance would cause such heat that even Paul couldn’t get a word in.

Paul would also have to get around Mysterio’s stablemate and on-screen partner Rhea Ripley. The current WWE Women’s World Champion works very closely with Mysterio and the two are a major draw on Raw.

Still, a Logan Paul and Dominik Mysterio tag team would no doubt be fantastic TV. We’re just not sure if traditional speakers could handle the decibels of all those boos.