Logan Paul screws over Randy Orton at WWE Elimination Chamber

Hunter Haas
Logan Paul knocked out Randy Orton with brass knuckles at WWE’s Elimination Chamber

Current United States Champion Logan Paul put up a strong showing at the Elimination Chamber PLE. However, what Paul did to Randy Orton after the match is what fans are talking about.

Paul has risen from a social media star to a legitimate WWE champion over the past few years. He is considered one of the best on the mic, and his athleticism shows up in each match.

In the lead-up to the PLE, Paul qualified for the Elimination Chamber, with a World Heavyweight Title match on the line at Wrestlemania XL against Seth Rollins.

Paul entered the Chamber in front of a rowdy Australian crowd. He used his high-flying ability to hit a crossbody from the top of a pod, bringing down Drew McIntyre.

Randy Orton hits RKO out of nowhere on Logan Paul

Paul was one of only three men remaining in the match when he took to the center of the ring to celebrate. That is when Randy Orton hit a patented RKO out of nowhere.

Paul was subsequently eliminated, leaving only Orton and McIntyre in the Chamber. The two veterans duked it out, with “The Viper” gaining the upper hand, thanks to another RKO.

Paul screws over Orton, setting up Wrestlemania feud

With Orton on the cusp of victory, Paul charged back into the Chamber and knocked Orton out cold with brass knuckles.

McIntyre rolled over, secured the pin, and clinched a World Heavyweight Championship shot at Wrestlemania 40. An opportunity that Paul stole from Orton.

With “The Apex Predator” out of the World Heavyweight Title picture and Paul having cost him a chance at it, fans are already clamoring over a potential Orton-Paul Wrestlemania feud for the United States belt.

Paul added more fuel to the fire by sending out a video on X of the knockout blow he landed on Orton. He even poked fun at the “RKO” finisher.

Orton, a future Hall of Famer, would present the biggest matchup for Paul in his still-young WWE career. The build-up to a Wrestlemania bout should be exciting, with Orton aiming for revenge.

If he can defeat Orton on the grandest stage of them all, it would be a star-making turn for Paul, potentially shooting him into the main event picture for good.

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