Logan Paul goes viral for WWE antics again in new Elimination Chamber footage

Eleni Thomas
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Logan Paul is going viral for his WWE antics yet again after behind-the-scenes footage of his brass knuckle knockout against Randy Orton at Elimination Chamber surfaced online.

Logan Paul has made a name for himself in the WWE. The YouTuber turned boxer turned wrestler has impressed with his high-octane moveset, mic skills, and more. So much so that Paul recently took part in the WWE Elimination Chamber event, a specialty match that takes place once a year during the Premium Live Event.

While Logan did not win the match, he did have a pivotal role in helping Drew McIntyre cement his spot at the upcoming WrestleMania event. 

Paul was eliminated by Randy Orton, the Viper hitting Paul with an RKO out of nowhere to knock him out of contention. In retaliation, Paul hit Orton with a pair of brass knuckles, an item that has become a recurring figure for Paul.

And while the televised Elimination Chamber footage hid Paul’s out-of-nowhere strike, a recent behind-the-scenes clip shared by the WWE has shed some new light on the moment. In turn, going viral in the process.

In the clip, Paul can be seen faking injury as a way to ensure he is able to stay within the chamber. 

Logan can be heard shouting to one of the referees that he “can’t move.” After lying just outside the ring for some time, Paul jumps straight up after Orton once again it’s an RKO. Paul slides into the ring with his signature brass knuckles, knocks Orton out, and costs him his title shot at WrestleMania.

The footage has since gone viral and has garnered a massive reaction from fans. Many of which have commented and shared their praise for Logan and his continued growth as a WWE performer.

“He was born for this, shame he didn’t take on wrestling earlier,” wrote one WWE fan. Another added, “Logan Paul is such a good fit for wrestling & the content that comes out of it lol.”

Logan Paul is the current WWE United States Champion. In the lead up WrestleMania 40, expect to see Paul appear in the WWE more frequently as he decides on who will face him for his title at the biggest PPV of the year.

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