Logan Paul says KSI collab is “on the horizon”

Virginia Glaze
Logan Paul hints at KSI collaboration

YouTube stars Logan Paul and KSI have been rivals for years — but despite their infamous beef (and KSI’s current squabble with Jake), it seems that a collaboration between the two influencers could be in the works.

Logan Paul and KSI’s beef truly sparked in 2018, when KSI called out the Paul brothers after his boxing victory over fellow YouTuber Joe Weller. Logan took him up on the offer, and the two touched gloves for the first time in August of that year.

Their initial fight came to a draw, and well over a year later, the two settled their differences for good in a rematch. KSI emerged the victor in a split-decision ruling from the judges, prompting outrage from Paul over what he felt was an unfair point deduction.

Nevertheless, the beef between the two has remained true, with little bro Jake Paul taking over in Logan’s stead — but in spite of this, there could be an unexpected collaboration coming up between the American and British influencers.

In an Instagram stream on May 24, Paul answered a fan’s question asking if the rivals would ever collaborate in the future.

“I got a little something on the horizon,” Paul answered with a chuckle. “Stay tuned.”


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For now, Paul is focusing on his upcoming exhibition match against the one and only Floyd Mayweather — the press conference for which was notably interrupted by Jake stealing Mayweather’s hat.

It’s unclear whether or not KSI and Logan are on friendly terms, considering that KSI claimed he would be the one to “knock Jake Paul out,” but this isn’t the first time that we’ve seen the two exchange niceties; KSI notably congratulated Logan on his surprising stint in the WWE in April, stating that he “sold it well” and that he was “happy for him.”

For now, there’s no telling what’s brewing between these two stars, but one thing’s for certain — fans can’t wait to see these two collaborate after years of being at each other’s throats.