Twitch streamer Adin Ross starts boxing career by challenging YouTuber FlightReacts

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As celebrity boxing continues to take over the entertainment industry, Twitch streamer and NBA 2K YouTuber Adin Ross has entered the ring — with an official challenge to fellow influencer FlightReacts.

It has already been a bumping year for Adin Ross, who went from renowned NBA 2K YouTuber to one of Twitch’s biggest stars. But the streamer is apparently not satisfied simply flexing his clout, as Ross announced he wants to start bumping and bruising as a boxer.

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When stopped airing in 2002, many thought the days of watching big names brutalize one another were over. But, spurred by the Paul brothers’ shenanigans, celebrities have moved from claymation to decemation and are happily beating each other up for big bags and bigger crowds.

A fan of the celebrity boxing matches, Ross has already bet $10K that Bryce Hall will beat up Austin McBroom during their bout. Now, he wants to get active himself, as he’s announced the start of his boxing career and challenged a fellow 2K creator.

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Gamers beating up gamers, YouTubers beating up YouTubers, and, most importantly, it could benefit charity? Adin says his first match will be in 2022 and he’s hoping it will be against Flight, aka FlightReacts aka Flight23White, with “parts of proceeds” going to charity.

Adin is no stranger to threats of violence, especially considering recent drama surrounding him and Floridian rappers he offended. Maybe those online death threats made him want to work on his physique and get in the gym?

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No one can know for sure, but what is known is that Adin is giving himself enough time to hit the bags and the weight room by promising that his first fight won’t happen for another seven months — at least.

But, no matter how long Adin trains, Flight doesn’t seem too concerned.

While Flight dropped a casual “lol” in response to Adin’s challenge, the YouTuber-turned-streamer seems unfazed. He followed his original tweet up with a new, universal challenge — as well as some demonstration of his…unique training regimen.

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Look, we’re not here to judge the start of Adin’s boxing career. Some say the ends justify the means, so we’ll just all have to wait until 2022 to find out if rainbow-colored training equipment is the key to success.

Whether it’s Flight or some other celebrity, fans are already primed for the boxing world to gain a new member. No word yet on whether or not his official ring name will be “Adin ‘Sus’ Ross,” but we’ll keep eager viewers up to date as more information becomes available.

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