Joe Rogan explains why Jake Paul’s knockout power is “real”

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In his latest podcast with Action Bronson, Joe Rogan goes into why he believes people shouldn’t “downplay” Jake Paul’s boxing ability and that he has “real” knockout power.

Jake’s Paul’s exhibition boxing match against Ben Askren ended up being one of the most highly-anticipated fights of the year. Viewers expected to see a long-fought bout that concluded with a decision based on points.

However, Paul subverted expectations by knocking out Askren in the first round with a deadly right hand. The fight has spurred a lot of discussion around whether Paul’s punches hold any weight, or if he just landed a lucky shot.

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Well, Joe Rogan has weighed in on the debate, making it very clear he believes Jake possesses “real” power.

Joe RoganSpotify/Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan hosts one of the most popular podcasts worldwide.

Joe Rogan says Jake Paul has real knockout power

In his recent podcast with Action Bronson, Joe Rogan discussed the fight between Ben Askren and Jake Paul. During the conversation, he voiced his opinion that Paul has power and isn’t an opponent that should be underestimated. “People were trying to downplay who he is and what he does, listen man, I know when I see a guy who can punch,” he said.

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The podcast host even sent a message to the fight fans who are writing off Paul’s ability in the ring, claiming he’s not someone you’d want to mess with. It’s obvious Rogan has been convinced by Paul’s performances and believes he’s a true threat.

“That guy can f**king crack, you do not wanna get hit by him, he can f**k people up, that’s real, you can hate on him all you want but you better recognize that he can f**k people up for real.”

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Topic starts at 159:28 (-15:31)

Rogan has made his stance very clear on the debate surrounding Paul’s punching power and his talent in the ring. Now, it’s just a waiting game until the internet star’s next fight which is yet to be announced or scheduled.

A few fighters have already put their hands up for the bout, so it’ll be interesting to see if Paul takes on a boxer, celebrity, or another MMA fighter.

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