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Logan Paul slams Conor McGregor over “blogger jackass boxing” tweet

Published: 26/Apr/2021 10:27

by Alex Garton


Logan Paul has slammed Connor McGregor over Twitter for making comparisons between bouts with pro-UFC fighters and boxing matches involving YouTubers.

Beginning with Joe Weller versus KSI back in 2018, YouTube boxing has reached heights no one would have expected. From Jake Paul taking on Ben Askren to Logan Paul’s upcoming fight with arguably the best boxer that’s ever lived, it’s obvious there’s an audience for these types of events.

Despite this, one fighter that’s now voiced his disapproval of these boxing matches is Conor McGregor. The martial artist took to Twitter to post a simple tweet that has garnered a lot of attention and spurred a response from YouTube star Logan Paul.


It’s fair to say the online personality wasn’t happy with Conor’s take and kept his reply short and simple.

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Logan Paul slams Connor McGregor on Twitter

Following Jake Paul’s first-round knockout over Ben Askren, there has been a lot of discussion surrounding influencer exhibition boxing matches within the fighting community.

A lot of huge names in MMA and boxing have put their opinions forward and on April 25, Conor McGregor took to Twitter to have his say. In his tweet, the UFC star simply states that pro UFC fighting is significantly more entertaining than “blogger jackass boxing.”

It wasn’t long before Logan Paul decided to respond to McGregor and tell him exactly what he thought of his opinion. The online personality kept his response short and simple, telling McGregor to “shut the f**k up”.


It’s no surprise Paul decided to respond to McGregor considering his upcoming fight with Floyd Mayweather that’s set to go ahead in June. On top of the fact that his brother has challenged McGregor multiple times to fight and is yet to receive a reply.

Who knows, it’s possible in the future that we may even Logan Paul and McGregor in a ring with each other at some point.

Although a lot of the MMA community dislike the influencer boxing matches, it’s clear they’re not going away any time soon. As long as there’s an audience that is willing to buy pay-per-views, more fights will continue to be made.