Logan Paul & KSI spotted at mysterious sparring session ahead of boxing comeback

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Instagram: drinkprime

YouTube stars Logan Paul and KSI have been spotted training together in a cryptic combat sports collaboration ahead of KSI’s comeback boxing match this August.

Logan Paul and KSI were once YouTube’s fiercest rivals.

The two stars — who boast a combined 43 million followers on their main channels, alone — essentially kickstarted the current influencer boxing trend with their first-ever match in August 2018.

Since then, they have struck up a fast friendship, as evidenced by their joint sports drink brand PRIME Hydration (which recently saw huge crowds drawn to its launch in the UK).

Logan Paul KSI release prime hydration drink
Instagram: KSI, drinkprime
KSI and Logan Paul joined forces to unleash their very own sports drink, PRIME Hydration, earlier this year.

However, it’s not their shared business venture that’s got people talking; instead, fans are curious after the duo were spotted at an MMA gym in London, seemingly after a joint training session.

KSI posted a pic to Instagram of himself and Paul in the London Shootfighters gym — a top training facility for mixed martial arts and combat sports.

While it’s unclear what exactly went down, fans are basically convinced that the two had a sparring sesh… especially thanks to the photo’s caption on the gym’s official Instagram page, which reads, “Well that was some PPV sh*t!”

This wouldn’t be the first time Paul and KSI have gotten together to touch gloves since their rivalry was absolved; in 2021, KSI helped out Logan with the promo for his exhibition match against Floyd Mayweather (from which Logan still has yet to see a dime of profit).

Their group photo also comes just months before KSI’s comeback boxing match, which is currently slated for August 27.

Ksi confirms boxing return after two year hiatus
YouTube: KSI
KSI is gearing up for his next boxing match this August.

KSI’s opponent is still unannounced — but fans are speculating a number of possible influencers who could be involved on the card.

For now, that particular detail is still unclear… but we’re definitely happy to see these two thriving after their infamous rivalry sparked a massive trend that’s bringing boxing back into the mainstream.

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