Logan Paul and KSI Finish in a Majority Draw After Six Rounds of Fighting

Logan Paul and KSI went the distance of six rounds during their boxing match by ending in a ‘Majority Draw.’

Paul, much like his brother in the match before him, seemingly took the momentum of the ring walk and started out strong early.

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In the beginning rounds, Logan Paul came out swinging against KSI by landing a collection of hard-hitting punches.

After Paul started to taunt his opponent, KSI started to ‘come to life’ in the later rounds by showing off his superior conditioning and was able to turn the tide of the bout in his favor.

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Both fighters started to lose energy by the end of the match with only enough in the tank to land small, light punches on one another.

However, once the dust cleared in the sixth round, it was unclear which competitor had won the battle, which sent the decision to the judges.

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It was announced that Logan Paul and KSI had ended in a draw following the scoring, much to the surprise of viewers around the world.

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With the event coming to an end, Paul and KSI are set to have a rematch in 2019.

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