Logan Paul & KSI’s ‘Prime Hydration’ drink sells out within hours of launch

Logan Paul KSI release prime hydration drinkInstagram: KSI, drinkprime

Logan Paul & KSI’s new sports drink ‘Prime Hydration’ managed to sell out online in just a few hours after the amount of hype surrounding the launch.

KSI and Logan were originally known as rivals when they stepped into the ring together in 2018, and then later in 2019 as part of their hugely anticipated rematch. The events were so popular that they spawned a huge trend in influencer boxing that is continuing to this day.

The stars have been on better terms since their bout, however, with KSI appearing on Logan’s wildly popular ‘ImPaulsive’ podcast in what has become the show’s most viewed episode to date.

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In late December, the pair began teasing a mysterious ‘Final Chapter’ event, and some fans wondered whether that meant they were going to be fighting once again.

However, it was soon revealed that Paul and KSI would actually be launching a sports drink, ‘Prime Hydration,’ saying: “We’ve ended our rivalry and have officially become business partners.”

Prime Hydration sells out online

The drink finally launched in stores and online in the US on January 8, and demand for the product was so high that it sold out online within a matter of hours.

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Screenshot of Prime Hydration Instagram storyInstagram: drinkprime
The drink sold out online within just a few hours thanks to the high demand.

The ‘DrinkPrime’ website now only features a ‘sold out’ message with the option to put your phone number and email address to subscribe to news about the product.

Prime Hydration sold out message

The YouTubers claimed that their biggest goals for their collaborative project are taste and hydration, with Paul revealing that their drink is made up of 10% coconut water and 825 milligrams of electrolytes.

Paul has also revealed they want to “rival some of the biggest companies on Earth,” including Pepsi, Coke, Gatorade, and more.

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It certainly seems as though the launch has been a success so far, with plenty of interest from fans in these former rivals’ collaboration. With Prime Hydration’s UK store launch set for further down the line, the YouTubers’ business journey is only just beginning.