Logan Paul claims he was advised to “stay silent” amid CryptoZoo issues

Dylan Horetski
Logan Paul impaulsive

Logan Paul has revealed he was advised to “stay silent” for over a year as issues with the CryptoZoo team turned into a criminal investigation back in 2021.

Logan Paul first revealed CryptoZoo during an Impaulsive episode in August 2021, but the project didn’t go as planned with many of its investors calling it a scam in the months since.

YouTube Investigator CoffeeZilla released a three-part series detailing CryptoZoo in late 2022, showing quite a few things that went wrong during the project as well as Logan’s silence in the months since.

On the January 4 episode of Impaulsive, Logan revealed that he “crumbled internally” after finding out how bad the situation surrounding CryptoZoo became, and was advised to stay silent as it became a criminal investigation.

Logan Paul claims he was advised to “stay silent”

While addressing the recent allegations from CoffeeZilla, co-host George Janko brought up the fact that many believe Logan is only speaking up now because it was brought up by Coffee.

“People relied on me to create the project, and when sh*t wasn’t working out and I found out the extent of just how bad things were behind the scenes… I had to rely on my team. I crumbled internally,” Logan explained. “The advice was that while the actual legal process was going on because of a criminal investigation taking place, I had to stay silent.”

“For a f*cking year, I’m hounding Jeff [Levin] asking ‘How do we make this right, what’s the status of the game?'”

(Topic begins at 17:06 in the video)

Later in the episode, Logan made it clear that development on the CryptoZoo game hasn’t stopped — it’s just been hit with a few hiccups, allegedly because the original developer “stole the code.”

It’s unknown when the influencer will provide an update on the release of the game, so we’ll have to wait to see what happens.