Logan Paul finally shares update on CryptoZoo scandal: “We’re close to a resolution”

Brad Norton
Logan Paul on The MMA HourYouTube: MMAFightingonSBN

Nine months after promising to make amends by refunding $1.8M to those impacted by his CryptoZoo project, Logan Paul has finally shared a new update on the situation, claiming they’re “close to a resolution.”

Kicking off 2023 with a bang, popular YouTube investigator Coffeezilla uploaded a video on what he labeled Logan Paul’s “biggest scam,” CryptoZoo. This cryptocurrency-based blockchain project came under fire after users were left in the dark on various promised features and the value of their early investments dwindled.

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Following some very public back and forth between the two content creators, Paul eventually pledged to refund roughly $1.8 million out of his own pocket to those who requested refunds. However, nine months on, it appears said users are still waiting.

At the six-month mark, Coffeezilla released yet another deep dive into the situation, pondering if the promise to refund was just “another masterclass in marketing.” Now, Paul has finally addressed the situation once more, albeit with a brief and vague response in light of legal proceedings.

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Logan Paul reveals he's starting his own Crypto project, CryptoZooCryptozoo / Instagram: Logan Paul
Logan Paul first revealed his CryptoZoo project in 2021.

Appearing on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Hour on September 27 to promote his upcoming fight with Dillon Danis, a fight also embroiled in legal disputes, Paul was questioned on the status of the CryptoZoo project.

“Because of the legal position of this, I, unfortunately, can’t say anything on this situation,” he said at first, before divulging some new information.

“We’re very close, in my opinion… I think we’re very close to a final resolution. That’s what I mean when I say I’m rectifying it. But unfortunately, I can’t give you any details right now.”

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Doubling down, he assured it’s “not a dead issue by any means,” and that he’s seemingly still committed to aiding those impacted by the crypto project. An exact timeline, what this resolution may entail, or when we might hear further on the matter, all remains unclear at this stage.

Logan Paul discusses CryptoZoo at the 21:20 mark below.

So for now, there’s still no telling if or when early CryptoZoo backers may be able to expect their refunds, but Paul has publicly assured the matter is still a priority.

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