Coffeezilla claims Logan Paul’s CryptoZoo refund is a “massive con”

Meera Jacka
Coffeezilla claims Logan Paul's CryptoZoo refund is a massive con

Logan Paul finally launched a website to refund CryptoZoo NFT buyers, however, according to YouTuber ‘Coffeezilla’ it’s a “cynical bargaining chip.”

American influencer and co-founder of Prime, Logan Paul may have found success with his hydration beverage but is still cleaning up after his previous venture, CryptoZoo.

Advertised to investors as a Pokemon-like game with money-making opportunities, Paul was ultimately called out by YouTuber Coffeezilla, who labeled CryptoZoo as the influencer’s “biggest scam.”

After much public back and forth between the two content creators, Paul announced a $1.3 million refund program and launched a website to begin returning money into the pockets of his “victims.” However, according to Coffeezilla, even this is a “massive con.”

“On the one hand, victims getting money is always great and I’m proud that our investigation led to some real-world consequences, but I can’t pretend that things are fixed or fine for people who entrusted me with their story when that’s just not true,” Coffeezilla said.

He went on to explain that, despite there being an estimated $18.5 million in damages resulting from CryptoZoo, Paul’s refund offer is only $2.3 million in total. The refund will also only be made on the condition that “all of the people who spent the last year suing [Paul] for the larger damages drop their case.”

“That’s a refund of only 12% to drop 100% of the case that, as far as I can tell, Logan may be losing,” Coffeezilla continued. “Put in this light then this refund starts to look less like a good-faith attempt to make things right and more like a cynical bargaining chip to avoid getting in even more trouble.”

On top of this, Coffeezilla points to the one-month claim window and the ‘shocking’ news that the CryptoZoo game will not be released at all; “This is what makes this such a massive con… he’s not even going to release the thing he promised this whole time.”

“If he did give a full refund we would all celebrate, me foremost, but will he? Or will he try to dodge responsibility, cheap out, rip his fans off, and void accountability? I think it’s the latter,” Coffeezilla concluded.

“Logan Paul is not a hero for doing this or making things right, he’s a serial scammer who’s offering a minority refund as a last-ditch effort to save his wallet and his reputation.”

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