CryptoZoo “scam” victim has plans to confront Logan Paul in-person

CryptoZoo Scam VictimYouTube: Coffeezilla

One of the victims of Logan Paul’s CryptoZoo “scam” has told Coffeezilla that he bought a 99 Originals NFT that gives him the ability to confront the influencer in person.

In August of 2021, Logan Paul revealed during an episode of his Impaulsive podcast that he was working on CryptoZoo, a crypto-coin-based game he was set to launch in the future — although it quickly became shrouded in controversy.

Accusations of the project ripping off Adobe stock photos came to light, as well as a seemingly failed launch. Not to mention, the aforementioned game never actually saw daylight.

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YouTuber Coffeezilla recently uploaded a series of videos exposing the 2021 “scam.” In the videos, he let some of the CryptoZoo “victims” have the ability to share their thoughts.

Doing so, we learned that one of the investors affected by CryptoZoo has earned an NFT that gives him the ability to meet Logan Paul in person. With this, he plans on confronting the popular influencer.

CryptoZoo “victim” plans to confront Logan Paul in person

During his video, Coffeezilla reveals that Logan Paul and the rest of the team were equally at fault for the downfall of CryptoZoo.

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However, those who lost money on the project still had a few choice words to say about the popular influencer.

“What would I say to Logan Paul and his team if I could? Well, actually I could because I have an NFT from another project that gives me the right to see Logan Paul, to meet and greet with him,” he revealed.

“And I will actually use that right to tell him this story again, show him this video in front of me and see how he reacts when he sees that my family is affected by this situation.”

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(Topic starts at 29:07 in the video)

According to the investor’s Instagram page, he has received a Liquid Marketplace Grandmaster NFT for being one of the top 3 investors on the platform.

To get to that point, he invested large amounts of money into various items on the marketplace like a Cryptopunk NFT.

We’ll have to wait to see if he ever follows through with his plan, but if he does — we’ll be sure to update you.

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