Logan Paul misses promised CryptoZoo response deadline leaving viewers outraged

logan paul cryptozoo egg

“I’ll be releasing a response to his scam allegation tomorrow,” Logan Paul stated two days ago, but has yet to release the promised video addressing Coffeezilla’s investigation of CryptoZoo – leading to a mob of outraged spectators.

It’s been over a year since Logan Paul’s NFT game, Cryptozoo, launched in September 2021. But as reported by investors and investigated by crypto detective Coffeezilla, Crytpozoo launched as a non-functional money pit. And after a month of hyping up the project, Paul would go radio silent for the next 15 months immediately after its launch.

That was, until Coffeezilla picked up the story and released a three-part series interviewing CryptoZoo investors, developers, and team members, painting Logan in an unpleasant light. Following the third video, Logan would call Coffee’s words “cap” and even invited the detective onto his podcast, Impaulsive.

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But at the start of the New Year, on January 1, 2023, Logan Paul would reignite the waning interest in the story with a Twitter post. “I sent this message to CoffeeZilla 5 days ago,” he reposted the screenshot of an email he sent to Coffee inviting him on the podcast. “I haven’t heard back, so I’ll be releasing a response to his scam allegations tomorrow on my YouTube channel.”

But he didn’t.

Logan Paul fails to deliver promised response to Coffeezilla on time

On January 2, the day the fabled CryptoZoo response video was said to be released, 24 hours would pass without word from Logan Paul. No tweets explaining the delay. No cosplay of Coffeezilla. And even in the last few minutes of the day, spectators would reply to Logan’s announcement tweet asking him where the response was.

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But it never came. And the all-too-familiar radio silence from the eldest Paul brother left viewers uneasy. Many backers were excited to hear that Logan planned to issue a response. They theorized that he would “do the right thing,” own up to his mistakes, and announce a plan to fix CryptoZoo.

Then, on January 3, an entire day after the promised response was meant to be published, Logan Paul issued a different announcement. PRIME ENERGY, the newest addition to the Drink Prime roster of products… but not the juice onlookers were hoping for.

Immediately after the announcement was posted, the comments were swarmed by users asking where the response video was. “Where’s the video addressing everything that’s happened? It’s been 2 days since you tweeted, ‘Uploading tomorrow.’ What happened to that?” user ‘lakapto’ asked.

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Some users jested calling the new drink “another scam,” while others referenced the investigation, saying they prefer coffee. And the 60+ quote retweets weren’t any kinder, with many questioning why Paul would announce a new product instead of addressing the CryptoZoo allegations.

With silence from Paul breeding more frustration, fans and spectators grow more impatient by the minute. We will just have to wait and see if and when Logan Paul finally decides to “expose the bad actors.