Logan Paul challenges Andrew Tate to UFC fight on one condition

YouTube: TimboSugaShow

Logan Paul has laid out his conditions for a fight with Andrew Tate, challenging the controversial personality to a meeting inside the UFC’s Octagon. 

Since fighting Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather back in June of 2021, Logan Paul has taken a step away from the fight game to focus on other things – including an impressive debut run inside the WWE. 

That hasn’t stopped ‘The Maverick’ from being tossed into fight callouts and drama, though. He’s been locked in an online war of words with Andrew Tate, with the controversial personality calling him out for a fight to settle their score. 

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Logan was, initially, against the idea, stating that he didn’t want to “platform” Tate in exchange for a fight. However, he’s softened his stance on that front and is now open to a clash but on a few specific conditions. 

Logan Paul challenges Andrew Tate to UFC fight

The imPaulsive host appeared on Sean O’Malley’s TimboSugaShow podcast and was quizzed by the UFC star and his co-host on whether he’d face Tate, with them noting that the two are similar in size.

“I think people misunderstood what to us was very clearly satire and sarcasm as like a respect or liking to Tate. Bro, I have never liked Tate. I find him amusing, the same way you find a clown amusing,” Logan said, touching on his history with Tate.

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“I got a solution. Why don’t we do something that both of us have never done? Clean record. 0 and 0. Let us step into the f**king octagon, brother. An MMA fight, me versus Tate in the UFC. You think Dana would put that on?” he asked.

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The YouTuber also stated that he’d like to “​​turn his f**king face inside out” and have Tate “wheeled home on a gurney” if they came to fight. 

“I don’t like you, I want to f**k you up,” Logan added. 

It remains to be seen if a fight between the two will actually happen, of course, but Logan is getting back into the boxing ring in January and, if he’s successful, it wouldn’t be a shock to see him continue the war of words.

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