Logan Paul explains why Andrew Tate fight hasn’t happened yet

Logan Paul at Summer Slam next to Andrew Tate on podcastIG: Logan Paul / Wikimedia Commons

YouTuber turned boxer Logan Paul has revealed why a fight versus controversial internet figure and former kickboxer Andrew Tate has not yet materialized, despite both men hinting towards a future bout. 

The explosion of YouTube boxing continues to shock sports fans across the globe, with more and more internet celebrities getting into the ring for pride, fame, and lucrative payouts. 

One man who has been integral to the sport’s ascent is Logan Paul, who has boxed KSI on two occasions and, most recently, faced off with all-time great Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather

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Plenty of fans are waiting on further updates regarding another bout, with many touting controversial internet figure Andrew Tate as a potential opponent. 

However, in a recent interview with the Daily Mail, Logan has revealed exactly why a fight against the former kickboxer has not yet materialized despite its guaranteed potential. 

Logan Paul claims Andrew Tate ‘likes to talk’ 

Firstly, Andrew Tate has claimed he wants a couple of “warm-up” fights ahead of a showdown with Logan Paul. 

On this, Logan said: “Brother, I’ve got contenders. The issue is [that] a lot of them like to talk. A lot of them like to talk and don’t actually like to sign on the dotted line. We ran into that issue with Andrew Tate, he wants warm-up fights.” 

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In short, a bout between the two men can’t happen until Tate has secured his warm-up fights. 

Logan Paul has stunned fans with how well he’s taken to boxing and wrestling.

Secondly, Paul was less than impressed with Tate’s recent accusations that he uses steroids.

“I saw a thing recently,” Paul continued. “He accused me of doing steroids which historically has been the accusation that people throw if they’re threatened by me. So I’ve got a contender in mind, I hope he comes through, I don’t want to say who it is just yet because you have one shot at a first impression. But whatever happens, it’s gonna be crazy… They’re a fighter, he’s a fighter.” 

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While a Paul vs Tate fight still sounds some way off, fans of Logan have an apparently “crazy” bout coming up. Hopefully, we’ll get more details soon. 

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