Lizzo sets the record straight on ‘About Damn Time’ TikTok trend

Emma Hill
Lizzo singing in About Damn Time video with TikTok logo

Music queen Lizzo has jokingly hit out at TikTokers who are getting the moves wrong to the TikTok trend set to her hit song ‘About Damn Time.’ Taking matters into her own hands, she decided to show her fellow creators how it’s done.

As well as being a multi-talented musician and all-around superstar, Lizzo has also proved herself to be the queen of TikTok.

Fans couldn’t get enough over her hilarious response to rumors that she was pregnant with Chris Evans’ baby. She then added to her collection of titles by becoming a trendsetter when a dance set to her hit song ‘About Damn Time’ swept across the platform.

However, as the trend has filtered through the various creators and their recreations, some of the original moves have got lost in translation. As a result, Lizzo took it upon herself to set the record straight and give a tutorial on how to get the dance right.

Lizzo Truth Hurts music video
With 22.8M followers on TikTok, Lizzo has proved herself as a queen of content as well as music.

Lizzo gives ‘About Damn Time’ dance tutorial

In a TikTok uploaded on May 12, Lizzo said she was “tired” of seeing fans doing the signature dance to ‘About Damn Time’ wrong. Wearing comfy clothes, she took center stage in the middle of her home and showed fans the correct routine.

According to the star, “it’s not ‘About Damn Time,’ with gentle claps, it’s ‘About Damn Time’ with thick heavy pats. Then for the lyric “need a sentimental man or woman,” dancers need to face the camera as they do a ‘V’ formation, rather than stand to the side.

She also mocked creators doing the dance who don’t show much enthusiasm for the ‘Pump me up’ move. Instead, she showed fans how it is really done by thrusting her body backward and forwards and patting her chest.

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Lizzo then showed how particularly frustrated she is with TikTokers getting the ‘Balenci-ussies’ move wrong: “Y’all ain’t been doin’ the Balenci-ussies where the Balenci-ussies at.”

Flapping her hands in front of the camera, she imitated TikTokers who have been mistakenly doing the move without the hip thrust, shouting “what the f*ck is this? What the hell is this?”

Lizzo is one of the most beloved musicians on TikTok. However, she could be on the way to facing some stiff competition from Louis Theroux.