TikToker responds after viral gym clip of man telling her she’s “what’s wrong with girls”

Kawter Abed
TikToker responds after viral gym clip of man telling her she's "what's wrong with girls"

An influencer went viral after she was approached by a man in the gym who accused her of being “what’s wrong with girls.” She’s now responded to some of the backlash she received by viewers.

TikToker Madi Rubee (yourfavoritedaughter2) recently posted a video of her working out in the gym, with a text overlay reading: “This is why 2024 is unsafe for women…”

While she appeared to be doing pulse squats, a random man approached her, saying: “Yo what are you doing?” The content creator stopped her workout, and replied: “Leg day warm-up.”

“No don’t give me that bullsh*t, I know you know what you’re doing,” the man said, to which Madi insisted all she was doing was leg day warm-ups. He then told her she is “what’s wrong with girls” and not to “come to my gym and do this sh*t,” before kicking her phone, smashing the screen.

In the caption, Madi asked if the man was “valid for this.” Viewers in the comments were divided, with some defending her. “Have none of you heard of pulse squats???” one person wrote. “Even if they’re not pulse squats what gives him the right to approach her like that,” another said.


But others sided with the man, with one writing, “Yes. Valid telling you to stop. Phone kick wasn’t necessary tho.” Another commented, “100 percent valid, you was not stretching.”

TikToker responds to backlash following viral gym video

Following the criticism, Madi deleted her TikTok video. However, it has been reposted to Twitter/X, and it’s gone viral again with over 51.5 million views.

In a subsequent clip, the TikToker, who is also an OnlyFans model, responded to the critics. “So just because I do OF, I’m not allowed to stretch at the gym?” she questioned. “Because before I started OF, I was doing that same stretch before every leg day.”

She continued: “And all the people saying that I deserve to have my phone kicked, I deserve to be harassed in public because I was minding my own business in the smallest corner of the gym.. it’s really sad to me to see all these comments saying that I deserve something because I went to the gym and I was stretching.”

In another video, Madi claimed that she was simply doing deep squats. “I don’t know why no one has heard of these, like, I don’t know why we have to sexualize everything,” she added.

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