Woman goes viral on TikTok for catching ‘Florida man’ taking photos of her feet on plane

Virginia Glaze
TikTok goes viral catching man taking feet pics

One woman’s flight didn’t go as expected after she caught the man sitting next to her snapping photos of her feet — and editing them right in front of her.

The ever-elusive ‘Florida man’ is wreaking havoc, yet again, after a viral TikTok caught him in the middle of what seems to be a foot-fetish fiasco.

TikToker ‘alibedrossian’ was unassumingly sitting in her seat on a Delta Air Lines flight when she noticed the guy next to her had pulled out his phone… and was angling his cell camera toward her feet.

The TikToker quickly took out her own phone to record the ordeal, which shows him appearing to take photos of her feet. The woman was wearing what looked to be silver-colored sandals that showed the majority of her feet.

Woman catches man taking feet pics plane
One woman’s flight ended up taking an awkward turn that she caught in a viral TikTok.

Woman catches man taking photos of her feet mid-flight

After taking the photo, the TikTok shows the man opening up the picture on his phone and pressing the ‘edit’ button before the clip cuts off.

In a humorous jab at the awkward situation, the TikToker used audio that says, ‘The woman was too stunned to speak,’ and captioned her video: “Cuz wtf am I supposed to say?” She also tagged the clip #floridaman, implying the situation went down over the Sunshine State.

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A follow-up clip shows more footage of the man editing the photos — which is further highlighted when the lights went out on the plane, making the glowing image of her foot impossible to miss.

Luckily, the woman didn’t let the incident phase her — she said the “rest of the trip was fun” in a video response to her initial viral TikTok, which has racked up over 3 million views at the time of writing.

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However, the clip has sparked a bit of a debate, with some users suggested the man may have simply been checking out her sandals to share with a female friend or partner.

“Idk, maybe he sent to his girl sayin’, “Babe, isn’t this like the shoes you wanted the other day?'” one user wrote.

TikTok feet comment 1

Others claim they would have charged him a hefty fee for taking free feet pics.

TikTok feet comment 2

Still others accused the TikToker of knowing the man, but she says he’s a total stranger.

TikTok feet comment 3

Whatever the case may be, this was certainly one of the most awkward moments we’ve witnessed in a viral TikTok… probably only topped by these TikTokers using Rogaine to grow back their eyebrows.

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