What is the “tomato tomato tomato” TikTok sound?

Dylan Horetski

Yet another sound is going viral on TikTok, this time with the phrase “tomato, tomato, tomato” front and center. Here’s everything we know about the app’s latest viral sound. 

As TikTok continues to grow in popularity, more and more sounds and other trends are going viral on the short-form video app. Recent trends consist of anything from a dance to the tune of Lizzo’s latest single to the relationship-focused green line test.

Another viral sound that’s been making its way around the app focuses on the phrase “tomato, tomato, tomato” as a reference to someone else’s poor performance or decisions.

Here’s everything we know about the viral sound, as well as how creators are using it.

Tomato tomato tomato TikTok sound

Originally created by TikToker Niqqitee in a video ranting about issues with men, she finishes her rant with “Omg, corny. Lame. Booo. Tomato tomato tomato, throwing tomatoes.”

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TikTok users quickly asked Niqqi to make the ending a usable sound, which has been used over 200k times and has garnered millions of views and likes across all the videos.

‘BarbieBetch0’ uploaded her video in January with the caption “Pulled up to school today and none of you boring a** basic b**ches had on Euphoria makeup or fits. Y’all lame.” At the time of writing, it has been viewed over two million times.

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‘Lyci.brad’ used the sound in a more lighthearted way, playing on the stereotype that girlfriends always steal their partner’s hoodies.

“When he tells me I can’t have the new hoodie he just got,” her video reads.

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Nearly all of the 200k+ videos echo the same style — TikTokers disapproving of various topics.

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