Louis Theroux’s viral ‘Jiggle Jiggle’ sound becomes full song amid TikTok fame

Georgina Smith
Louis Theroux next to the TikTok logo

After the success of the catchy ‘Jiggle Jiggle’ rap on TikTok, documentary filmmaker Louis Theroux and producers Duke & Jones have released a full re-recorded version of the unexpected hit.

In the past few years, TikTok has become a thriving hub of content, and is a place where new trends are constantly emerging, and spreading to For You Pages across the globe.

Music forms a huge part of a lot of content on the app, and viral songs can often be the catalyst for new trends that take TikTok by storm and garner millions of views and likes.

Louis Theroux is a prominent documentary filmmaker and journalist who has received high praise for the work he’s done throughout his career, and he has inadvertently become the latest surprising viral TikTok star.

In April, he rather unexpectedly went viral on TikTok when producers Duke & Jones decided to remix a clip of Louis reciting a rap on Amelia Dimoldenberg’s popular ‘Chicken Shop Date’ YouTube series.

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The rap originally featured on an episode of Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends which first aired in 2000, and features the now-iconic lyrics, “my money don’t jiggle jiggle, it folds.”

Duke & Jones’ original TikTok of their remix now has over 50 million views, with many users absolutely loving the catchy tune.

Full version of ‘Jiggle Jiggle’ is released

Thanks to the overwhelming success, Duke & Jones along with Louis have now released a full version of the song.

On TikTok, they posted a clip of Louis in the studio, recreating the lyrics that have now become so familiar to millions of users on the platform, revealing that the track would be out the following day.

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The full song is now available on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube, and features a longer version of the catchy remix that users loved so much on TikTok.

“This needs to hit top charts and win rewards,” one YouTube comment read, with another TikTok commenter saying: “No way you actually got him to make it a song.”

It looks like this tune could stick around on TikTok for some time, as fans are hoping that the full version of the song will also be a huge success.

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