Lil Nas X & Corpse Husband hint at possible collab for Montero remix

Corpse Husband/Lil Nas X

After a brief exchange on Twitter, a collaboration between Corpse Husband and Lil Nas X for “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” could actually end up happening.

American musician Lil Nas X’s latest single “Montero” is one of the biggest songs out right now, helped in part by the storm of controversy surrounding the devilish video and the shoes released by the singer (which contain a drop of human blood).

The rapper and his fans seem to have brushed off the haters by celebrating the single with TikToks, art and even remixes of the new song and its video. 

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One heavy metal interpretation of Montero even got posted by Lil Nas X on Twitter, who added that he wanted one of streaming’s biggest new stars to feature on it as well — the one and only Corpse Husband.

Corpse is no stranger to making hit music himself, the video for his latest collab, called “DAYWALKER!” with rapper Machine Gun Kelly and starring fellow streamer Valkyrae, is at 11 million views and counting after premiering on March 18.

Fans, of both Lil Nas and Corpse, were instantly excited about the simple possibility of the two working together and the initial mention quickly gained more than 38,000 likes and counting.

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A metal remix for “Montero” seems right up Corpse’s alley, and it didn’t take long for the streamer to respond with a simple “YESSSSS” to confirm he was definitely down.

This immediately sent fans off, with speculations about what the collab could look like and when it could happen showing up almost immediately. Right now, though, there’s no telling when this highly anticipated duet could occur.

Both stars seem down to make it happen though, so it could only be a matter of time before we see Corpse (or some other streamer playing his role) in a new video with Lil Nas X sometime soon.

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Based on how popular the two are on their own, it doesn’t take much to see a “Montero” remix from both of them together breaking the internet when it does eventually come out.