Josh Peck deletes all trace of David Dobrik from his Instagram amid controversy

David Dobrik and Josh PeckJosh Peck/YouTube

Actor Josh Peck has deleted all traces of David Dobrik off of his Instagram as the YouTube star continues to deal with the fallout from controversy over past videos.

The drama surrounding YouTube star David Dobrik’s old videos and content shows no sign of slowing down, and now it seems like some of his acquaintances are starting to distance themselves from the embattled content creator.

Basically, in the last few weeks Dobrik has come under fire for a host of allegations including sexual assault, bullying and harassment against him and his Vlog Squad based on content from a number of years ago.

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Dobrik and Peck, of Drake and Josh fame, have been friends for a while now, frequently seen hanging out and featuring in one another’s content on YouTube. However, as of April 3, all traces of the YouTuber seem to have vanished from Peck’s Instagram page.

David Dobrik/YouTube
Peck and Dobrik, seen here with Drake Bell, frequently collaborated together on content.

According to YouTuber Def Noodles, Peck apparently has scrubbed every mention and picture of Dobrik from his account going all the way back to 2019, when Dobrik won a Nickelodeon’s Kid Choice Award.

It’s not known exactly when all of the content was deleted either, but it seems to have been very thorough, with no trace of the YouTuber to be found in his images whatsoever.

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Peck hasn’t said anything or put out a statement on Dobrik’s current situation, and based on what’s happened to his Instagram page now, it seems he could be trying to distance himself, at least publicly, from the whole situation.

It appears pretty unlikely that Peck will make any kind of comment on the situation, either. While the two might still remain friends, it’s obvious from the Instagram scrubbing that the actor is trying to stay at arm’s length from the current controversy.

To be clear, the Drake and Josh star wasn’t involved at all with the Vlog Squad content Dobrik is currently being “cancelled” for, but in today’s social media-fueled world, even a loose association can get you looped in on the outrage.

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As for Dobrik, he’s definitely experiencing a low point in his career, but some like fellow content creator PewDiePie predict that a comeback might not be entirely out of the question sometime down the road. The way things look right now though, when, or even if, that will be possible remains unknown.