Lil Nas X memes his potential Nike lawsuit over “satanic” shoes

Bill Cooney
Lil Nas X shoes

Rapper Lil Nas X posted his way through the news that Nike could be suing the artist behind his controversial new shoes for trademark infringement, as the drama surrounding his latest video reached a whole new level.

Certain parts of the internet have sparked an all-out war over Lil Nas X’s latest video for his song “Call Me By Your Name” – and the shoes that the rapper released to promote it.

The black and red kicks were made by New York-based art collective MSCHF, with Nike Air Max 97s as the base. They feature a bronze pentagram, inverted cross, and even a drop of human blood from members of the collective.

With a price tag of $1,018 a pair, all 666 sets sold out in under a minute, according to the brand – which might be a good thing, as Nike is now reportedly suing MSCHF over the shoes for an undisclosed amount.

According to NBC News, Nike’s trademark infringement lawsuit against MSCHF doesn’t name Lil Nas X as a defendant, but the star still took the time to joke about the whole situation on Twitter.

As the news broke, Lil Nas X tweeted a clip from Spongebob of Squidward asking everyone in vain if they knew that he was kidding, and promptly followed it up with the famous clip of Squidward begging for change on the sidewalk.

“Me, after the Nike lawsuit,” the star said along with the video, obviously kidding and not appearing too concerned about the legal action.

MSCHF has yet to put out a statement of their own on the matter, so it’s unknown if Lil Nas X will be supporting or helping them at all, but the Old Town Road singer did fire off one more tweet with a prisoner in court singing his statement.

Before Nike announced the lawsuit, the rapper put out an “apology” video that resembled the YouTuber apologies we’ve come to know and love at first – but instead of discussing the outrage people seem to have over his content, it just cut to the Call Me By Your Name music video.

It remains to be seen what will happen with Nike’s lawsuit against MSCHF, but Lil Nas X at least seems to be taking the approach that any publicity, in the end, is good publicity.