LeafyIsHere teases YouTube return after channel ban


Controversial YouTuber LeafyIsHere is teasing his return to YouTube over a year after his account was banned from the platform. 

Calvin ‘Leafyishere’ Lee Vai was once considered to be one of the top commentary channels on YouTube. After he returned from a long hiatus, Leafy was banned from the platform on August 21, 2020, after he created a series of videos allegedly harassing other content creators, notably Pokimane and Keemstar.

Shortly after, his channel was also removed from Twitch after several attempts to bait the website into banning him.

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Now the controversial YouTuber is teasing his return to the platform after posting cryptic tweets on his newly reactivated Twitter account.

LeafyIsHere teases return to YouTube

On December 14, Lee Vai posted his first tweet since his account was suspended on Twitter in May of 2017. It reads: “Holy s**t, account reinstated lol.”

His tweet amassed over 26k likes rather quickly, which made it clear that his fanbase was still there.


Shortly after his return, he posted a video talking about possibly creating a new YouTube account although hundreds of other people have made accounts with the same name.

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It reads: “Sometimes I miss YouTube. I considered making a new channel but clearly, others have had the same idea.”

Leafy also tweeted “podcast soon” hinting at a new format instead of returning to his normal content.

While he may have his Twitter account back, it’s unclear what platform Calvin would be able to post content on. He’s been banned from Twitch and YouTube, and both platforms would have an extremely close eye on the creator if he were to create a new account.

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Just before Leafy’s ban from YouTube, Hasan took aim at the creator for having it “too easy” and called him out for attacking other creators.

It’s unclear what the controversial YouTuber has planned, so we’ll have to wait to see what he decides in the coming days.

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