Twitch suspends LeafyIsHere’s channel after YouTube ban

A selfie of LeafyIsHereYouTube: LeafyIsHere

Longtime YouTuber-turned-Twitch streamer has had his account now banned by both platforms, with Twitch revealing in a statement per esports insider Rod Breslau that they have permanently suspended his channel.

While Leafy was once hailed as one of YouTube’s most notorious commentary channels, he took an extended hiatus from the platform, returning with a vengeance in 2020 to acclaim from his fans.

However, he found himself faced with criticism and speculation after uploading multiple videos targeting Twitch streamer ‘Pokimane’ — and he didn’t stop, threatening to continue uploading such content until YouTube gave him the boot.

YouTube finally did just that shortly thereafter, causing Leafy to find a new home on Twitch, where he continued to apparently “bait” bans by using offensive language.

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LeafyisHere looks into the camera.YouTube: LeafyisHere
LeafyIsHere has been banned from Twitch, following his move to the platform after his previous ban from YouTube.

It seems that his behavior has finally caught up to him, as Twitch has now handed out a permanent suspension to the streamer, which was reported by Rod Breslau via Twitter.

A statement given to Rod claims that Twitch had banned Leafy for “the safety of the community,” writing: “We reserve the right to suspend any account for conduct that violates our rules, or that we determine to be inappropriate, harmful, or puts our community at risk.”

As the ban is permanent, it doesn’t seem that Leafy will be making his return to Twitch at all — but he is reaching out to the platform for help, claiming that he wasn’t notified of an incoming ban and arguing that a permanent suspension is a bit egregious for his “first offense.”

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“Wtf Bezos, just when i started having fun,” he said of the situation. “Twitch Support – is there any appealing this, was my first offense bro lmfao.”

“Thought there would be a warning first or something,” he continued. “I mean it was obvious I was pushing it, but still was being somewhat mindful of TOS.”

Fans and critics alike are divided as to the Twitch’s surprising ruling, with many comparing it to Leafy’s last ban from YouTube, which he similarly argued was out of order due to purportedly never having received a warning.