Larray accused of lying about contacting alleged Tony Lopez victims

TikToker LarrayInstagram: Larray

Popular TikToker Larray is once again under fire in the aftermath of his diss track “Canceled” that set TikTok ablaze in early October.

22-year old Lawrence Merrit, who is part of TikTok’s Hype House, released a diss track that went viral for mentioning so many different creators and even debuted at No.81 on BillBoard’s Top 100 chart.

The lyrics ranged from lighthearted insults like rapping that Bryce Hall has “smelly balls” and James Charles has a big forehead, to more serious allegations. Tony Lopez in particular was called out after allegations that he has been sending Snapchats to underage fans.

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Already this week, Larray has had to defend himself after some people had called him out for “normalizing child grooming by making jokes about it.”

Larray diss track tiktokYouTube: Larray
Larray’s diss track reached No.81 on Billboard’s Top 100 chart

The creator has also now claimed he reached to Tony Lopez’s alleged victims about “Tony Lopez caught a case” line the track. In comments on a TikTok video, he said, “I talked to the girls that were involved in the situations and they were perfectly fine with the lyrics and all laughed at it. The money made from the song was also donated.

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“Please stop assuming things. Some of you don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes. Sorry for causing you problems. Wasn’t my intention. Just wanted to explain my points and most definitely shouldn’t have brought you into it.”

However, a user called Noah said, “I just texted them, not ONE of them was contacted by him, not one… Why are you lying”

One of the alleged victims, Celina, also added: “I never received a message from Larray I have never been in contact with larray neither have the other girls like wtf.”

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Larray responded to criticism claiming he didn’t know some of Tony Lopez’s alleged victims. He said he’s trying to make it right: “I didn’t know or hear about her. I’ll most definitely be reaching out”

“Honestly I understand where I went wrong… no need to lie here just honestly didn’t know about the others. Should have looked into this more. My fault. Period.”

It looks as though Celina and Noah are appeased, for now, however, the fallout from “Canceled” could still continue to rock the TikTok world.

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