Laplus Darkness details illness keeping Hololive star away from streaming

Andrew Amos
Laplus Darkness from Hololive frowning

Hololive star Laplus Darkness (stylized La+ Darkness) has been absent from streaming for a couple of weeks. The star managed to go live briefly on September 6 to explain why, with a litany of illnesses forcing her to take a break ⁠— whether she wanted to or not.

Laplus Darkness has been on a grind to reach 1 million subscribers ever since holoX debuted nearly a year ago. However it has come to a halt somewhat in recent weeks as her regularly scheduled streams slowed down.

The Secret Society founder hasn’t streamed properly since August 26, nearly two weeks ago at the time of publication. However she went live on September 6 ⁠— not on YouTube though ⁠— to explain to her fans why she has been so absent.

“It’s been a while everyone,” she opened in a hushed whisper so as to not strain her voice. “I haven’t [been well] actually. It’s been pretty rough. I got a stomach flu, a bladder infection, and on top of that I caught a cold. I have cold sores plus my throat is badly swollen.”

With the illnesses racking up, it’s been hard for Laplus to even be at her computer. She was getting itchy feet though and wanted to come back for her fans ⁠— even defying some orders laid down by genmate Sakamata Chloe and Hololive management.

“My body is in pretty bad shape but I wanted to stream. The thing is, if I don’t speak loud enough the computer microphone won’t pick up my voice. On a phone, I don’t need to raise my voice as much so I thought it should be fine,” she laughed.

“I’m feeling like shit but I’m so bored, you know? I even told Chloe and management but they said ‘bored or not you need to rest.’ If they hear about this, I might get an earful! Please don’t snitch on me okay?”

She did manage to find the energy to go live on YouTube later in the day with a softly spoken stream with no boisterous introduction or anything. That is off the cards for now while she is resting.

“If I try to speak in a louder voice, my voice becomes [very croaky]. By louder I mean if I speak in the way I usually speak in my streams, my voice cracks like hell.”

Those awaiting Laplus’ return don’t have to wait long. As soon as the forgetful Secret Society member feels well enough, she’ll come back immediately. It’s just making sure her body can cope with that: “I’m in good spirits but my body can’t keep up!”

Laplus isn’t the only Hololive member dealing with health issues. Usada Pekora took a month off earlier in 2022 to deal with problems of her own. Recently, Yuzuki Choco opened up on how the stress she was putting her body through early on, and eventual illness, forced her to reconsider her intense schedule.

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