xQc forced to end stream early due to severe ear infection

Virginia Glaze

Streaming star xQc had to end his broadcast early after experiencing severe vertigo and nausea from an apparent ear infection — a recurring issue for the content creator.

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel sparked concern from his viewers during a broadcast on April 4 when he started complaining of vertigo and pain in his ear.

In one part of the stream, xQc jumped up from his chair and ran to the toilet, coming back to explain what was going on to his chat.

“Dude, this f*ckin’ ear thing, I’m losing balance,” he said. “Holy f*ck. I just got massive vertigo. Yo dude, I’m actually gonna have to go to the hospital.”

“This is like the worst I’ve ever had this in my f*cking life,” he continued. “My ear infection is getting worse. I’m so dizzy. It’s disgusting. …everything is spinning. It’s worse than being drunk right now, I’m not kidding.”

Chatters urged the streamer to seek medical attention due to the severity of his symptoms. Eventually, xQc ended the broadcast to go lie down and rest, saying that he “could not stream through” the pain and admitting he couldn’t even “see the screen properly.”

The next day, xQc told his viewers that he eventually went to the hospital, saying that doctors refused to give him eardrops and that his “ear membrane was perfect” and that his ear “has nothing in it.”

This isn’t the first time the streamer has suffered from debilitating ear pain. In 2023, xQc revealed that he’d gotten a double ear infection from reusing a moldy towel for a month, urging his fans to change out their bath towels regularly.

According to Penn Medicine, swelling of the inner ear — medically known as ‘Labyrinthitis’ — can cause vertigo and hearing loss. Labyrinthitis can be caused by a virus or by bacteria, and occasionally, the condition can be triggered by an ear infection.