Hololive’s Yuzuki Choco explains how illness forced her to reconsider schedule

Eleni Thomas
Yuzuki Choco Hololive VTuber wearing maid outfit

Yuzuki Choco was once one of Hololive’s most active VTubers with multiple streams a day. Now she’s taking it much easier — albeit still going live quite often — with one big reason: keeping her health in check.

When Hololive started gaining stream, Yuzuki Choco was known for having one of the most jam-packed schedules out there. The nurse would go live up to five times a day between her various ASMR and collab streams, as well as HoloNews.

However she has taken a step away from that manic schedule to become what many call the “guerilla demon” — no schedule, just going live whenever she feels like it.

She’s now spoken candidly about that decision though, and how it was basically forced upon her by an illness-induced hiatus.

Choco first began by stating how she was “streaming at least three times every day for two years,” and before that she was streaming up to five times a day. Doing a collab, HoloNews, and ASMR everyday was unsustainable for a long amount of time, even adding “you’ll die if you do it everyday” when talking about being online on a constant basis. 

She then added during the two years she was streaming every day she essentially had “no time to sleep.

“Doing your own stream…watching other’s stream. Checking the funny moment then commenting on those. That was really super hard work.”

However, Choco revealed that it was a health crisis and a month off streaming that completely changed her attitude towards streaming. During the summer of her second year on Hololive, Choco got food poisoning.

Her health declined to the point where she “couldn’t even walk properly.” This then led to her taking a month off streaming so that she could properly recover from her illness and come back recharged.

Taking such a long break from her strict streaming schedule ultimately cause Choco much anxiety, with the VTuber stating it “felt like [she] would die if [she] rested for a month.” After receiving reassurance from others, Choco then quickly realized that her fans wouldn’t all disappear if she “stopped streaming everyday” and since this shift she has “gradually stopped posting [her] schedule.”

“Since then I stopped streaming everyday.” added Choco. “If I don’t feel good that day I’ll take a rest.” This health crisis and change in mindset is the basis for why all of Choco’s streams “have become Guerilla streams.”

Now you won’t see Choco sticking to a schedule, but she has assured all her viewers there’ll be enough content for them — just at times that work better for her.