VTuber Rayshii hits back at “disgusting” messages on stream and announces hiatus

Kurt Perry
Rayshii, a VTuber from Veisou during debut on YouTube.

VTuber Rayshii has hit back at comments she labeled “disgusting,” following a German-only stream hosted on September 5 before later announcing that she will go on hiatus come October 1, 2023.

A VTuber called Rayshii hosted a now-removed German-only Duolingo stream on her YouTube channel. However, this stream only lasted twelve minutes before she chose to end it.

This was in response to the negative comments in chat criticizing the Veisou member for learning German with some viewers condemning the language and Rayshii’s choice to stream using it.

On the same day, Rayshii announced that she will be going on hiatus with activities restricted until her schedule frees up, although clarified that the hiatus was not caused by the on-stream hate.

Rayshii confirms hiatus shortly after receiving death threats

What should have been a straightforward fun language stream did not end well with Veisou’s first-generation member Rayshii ending and later removing the stream entirely from her YouTube channel.

Addressing why she stopped early, Rayshii tweeted: “I’m sorry. 12 minutes into the stream and I had to end. I had so many disgusting messages and negative comments I had to remove them. I did not need that. I wanted to share a passion of mine with everyone. Something I’m interested in learning. Don’t like it? Don’t watch it.”

She went on to condemn the messages sent her way claiming that some viewers went as far as to send death and doxxing threats.

On the same day, Rayshii announced an upcoming hiatus starting on October 1. However, in the announcement, the VTuber clarified that this was due to a busy work and school schedule rather than the hate she received on stream.

“To my dearest little souls. Thank you for all the support you’ve given me over the past three years. I regret to announce that I will be going on a streaming hiatus on October 1, 2023,” Rayshii revealed.

“First and foremost, due to my work and school schedule, I am unable to consistently provide content such as streams and take part in collabs,” she elaborated before affirming “…the events which occurred today on my YouTube stream had no influence on my decision to take a hiatus.”

Following the announcement, her fanbase showed overwhelming support and the wider VTuber community condemned the hate comments.

Rayshii will continue streaming as normal until the hiatus begins. Once her hiatus gets underway she will still produce some content and stream on occasion but not nearly as regularly as she does currently.

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