Sakura Miko takes break from Hololive duties to get treatment after positive test

sakura miko opening sequence from stream showing her sitting down on sofa with pet cat.Hololive

Popular Vtuber Sakura Miko has gone on a week-long break after the Hololive talent tested positive with symptoms of a sore throat and coughing.

The virus’ peak may have passed but it still impacts people on a daily basis. It has been especially prevalent in the Vtuber community affecting multiple talents over the last few weeks.

In Hololive EN, Ouro Kronii tested positive in April while the Japanese branch has seen Laplus Darkness, Murasaki Shion, and Minato Aqua all take breaks throughout May for the same reason.

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The recent outbreak amongst Hololive talent shows no signs of slowing down with yet another member now being forced to take time off.

Hololive’s Sakura Miko on hiatus after positive test

As revealed by the official Hololive Twitter account, Vtuber Sakura Miko is now on hiatus after testing positive.

The announcing Tweet reads: “Regarding Sakura Miko, since she had been feeling unwell, she retested and was confirmed to be positive. Considering the health condition of the person, we will devote ourselves to medical treatment until the physical condition recovers.”

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Miko herself would follow up: “I thought my throat wouldn’t heal, so I went to the hospital and was retested and found to be positive. Please be assured that there is no fever. Due to work and streaming, after consulting with Manager and the doctor, I will take a good rest this week to see what happens.”

Throughout her time at Hololive, Miko has not been known to take many breaks. Her last long hiatus was back in July 2020 when the Vtuber was forced to take two months off for unspecified medical reasons.

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It’s not only in Hololive where talents are taking breaks. Nijisanji EN member Fulgur Ovid has been on hiatus since May 2 with an official return date not yet provided.

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