Ben Askren expects Jake Paul fight to be “biggest payday” of his career

Ben Askren chatting with Brendan SchaubYouTube: BELOW THE BELT with Brendan Schaub

Weeks out from his highly anticipated boxing match with social media star Jake Paul, former UFC contender Ben Askren has revealed the PPV clash will be his “biggest payday” as a mixed martial artist.

Ben Askren has seen and done just about everything in the world of combat sports. As a former Olympic wrestler, MMA world champion, and UFC fighter, the retired 36-year-old has accomplished a great deal across a number of disciplines.

Despite his accolades, however, Askren’s upcoming main event with Paul could be the most rewarding moment of his career. The April 17 PPV has already generated a ton of interest with the two constantly bickering online. Now, it appears the ‘FunkMaster’ has talked his way into an unprecedented paycheck.

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“It’s probably going to be the biggest payday of my career,” Askren revealed to Brendan Schaub on the latest episode of Food Truck Diaries.

Ben Askren vs Jake Paul posterTwitter: JakePaul / Triller
Ben Askren is coming out of retirement once again to box Jake Paul.

An exact figure was kept under wraps in the interview. Though Askren assured he’s in line to make more from this event than any of his previous fights.

“I do have to have some type of monetary reward to take time out of my day to do this,” he said. “They made me a nice offer, it was something I wanted to do anyway, so I said sure.”

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Fighting three times in the UFC before retiring in 2019, Askren made a decent chunk of change for his efforts. 

His debut against Robbie Lawler raked in the most with a disclosed payout of $353,500. $200,000 to show, $150,000 for the win, and a bonus of $3,500 for fight week incentives such as press conferences, open workouts, and more. This is purely his public purse, other bonuses may have also been paid by the UFC without disclosure.

Not having to train across all disciplines, not having to prepare for a former Welterweight champion like Lawler, Askren is now set to cash a bigger check for boxing Paul.

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Funnily enough, he doesn’t appear all too focused on the monetary gain. “Obviously you wouldn’t do it for a low amount, you’re not just going to do it for fun,” Schaub said. “I mean… maybe I would,” Askren replied with a straight face.

Everyone from Snoop Dogg to Dana White has shown interest in the fight. With plenty of attention, it’s set to be one of the year’s biggest combat sports events. Win or lose on April 17, Askren is in store to make more than ever before.

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