KSI taunts Jake Paul as pair set to meet at Mayweather vs Deji fight

KSI and Jake Paul side by side in black shirts talking to cameraYouTube: Boxing Social/Jake Paul

KSI took a quick shot at Jake Paul as the pair are set to meet in Dubai for the Floyd Mayweather vs Deji fight On November 12. 

The rivalry between KSI and Jake Paul has been going on for nearly a decade at this point, as the pair have battled across YouTube, Twitter, and plenty of other avenues. Though, they have to come to blows in the ring. 

Fans of the pair have been expecting them to clash in the boxing ring for years now, but it just hasn’t happened. While Jake has gone on to cultivate a 6-0 record, KSI has been a little less active.

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As the Brit has gotten back in the ring, though, calls for the long-awaited fight have intensified again. They even ‘agreed’ to fight in 2023 at Wembley, but Jake’s side has cooled on the prospect of that happening. 

KSI taunts Jake Paul ahead of meeting at Mayweather vs Deji

They will both be in Dubai for the Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather vs Deji fight, though, and while KSI will be supporting his brother, he’s also taunted his longstanding rival. 

“Can’t wait to see him try to slap me in person,” KSI tweeted after it was announced that Jake will be a “special guest” at the fight. 

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Though the YouTuber didn’t add any further taunts, nor did Jake offer a response, plenty of fans revealed their excitement at the potential meeting. However, plenty suggested that Jake won’t come face-to-face with his longtime rival. 

It’ll be the first time that the two rivals have been in close proximity to each other in quite some time, and with tension as high as ever, it wouldn’t be completely shocking to see something happen between them. 

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KSI is, of course, training for a fight in January as he looks to bolster his boxing record. Jake is also eager to fight at the start of 2023 after beating Anderson Silva. After that, though, who knows what will happen.