KSI says Logan Paul “probably not” fighting in January boxing event after WWE injury

KSI unsure if Logan Paul will be on Misfits January boxing cardYouTube: JJ Olatunji, Logan Paul

KSI has claimed that it’s unlikely fans will see Logan Paul fighting on the Misfits January boxing card due to injuries he sustained during his WWE Universal match against Roman Reigns.

Logan Paul is one of the biggest faces in the influencer boxing world, and as such, fans were itching to see the YouTube star take part in the highly-anticipated Misfits 4 event coming up in January.

The card is rumored to be stacked with top-tier influencers and pro fighters, but thus far, not much information has been released as to who’s actually fighting come 2023.

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That being said, there are a few names that fans had pinned as sure-fire appearances on the card, and Logan Paul was one of them — but after getting a few serious injuries, KSI isn’t sure his business partner will be able to make the cut.

Paul notably suffered a torn meniscus, MCL, and possibly ACL during his high-flying WWE Universal match against Roman Reigns on November 5.

The influencer’s knee caught the corner of a table as he was doing a frog splash on Reigns, likely resulting in the wounds.

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KSI unsure of Logan Paul’s appearance on Misfits January boxing card

As such, it’s not looking likely that Paul will be engaging in any athletic pursuits until he heals — something that KSI pointed out when a fan asked if we’d be seeing Logan take part in the Misfits 4 card next year.

“We’re not too sure, but probably not,” he answered during a Q&A video on November 11. “Obviously, he had an amazing fight with Roman Reins, but yeah, he did get injured. Yeah, I think it takes a bit longer than a few weeks to heal. But he’ll be back, hopefully.”

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For now, Paul is busy resting up and focusing on his podcast as fans continue to watch out for more information on the Misfits card coming up soon.

In the meantime, influencer-boxing fans can watch out for Deji’s upcoming match against Floyd Mayweather happening Sunday, November 13.

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