Bobby Lee left stunned after George Janko walks off Impaulsive podcast

george janko and bobby lee on impaulsiveYouTube: Impaulsive

Comedian Bobby Lee was left baffled after George Janko, one of the co-hosts of Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast, walked out and didn’t return, asking whether he was “really upset” about the direction the podcast had taken.

Bobby Lee is known for his eccentric style of comedy and always pushing boundaries, so his fans and those aware of him knew that his Impaulsive appearance wouldn’t exactly go like it does when they have other guests.

He was in fine comedic form throughout, in classic Lee fashion, not afraid to test his new friends’ limits and push the podcast’s age rating as far as it could go.

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Before long, though, the situation clearly got a bit too much for Janko, who had been the butt of several jokes throughout the podcast, and he walked out, not seeming too upset but clearly a bit agitated.

Logan went to follow him and see if he was coming back, after some questions from Tommy about it, and while he originally said Janko would be returning, he later confirmed that he wasn’t actually going to come back to the podcast.

This left a confused Bobby Lee wondering what had been said to have upset George so much, as he thought they’d been getting on fine, to which Mike Majlak admitted Janko had taken some abuse throughout the episode.

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“Did I really hurt him?” asked Bobby. “Be honest with me. Is he really mad, this f**king guy?”

Logan then responded, saying that he was also confused, but Majlak admitted that he wasn’t surprised by it, explaining that Janko “took a little abuse this episode.”

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Lee finished the podcast, on his knees, asking for George’s fans to forgive him and promising to come back another time with gifts to ask for forgiveness from the man himself.

Janko hasn’t spoken out about the situation since the episode aired, though people standing off-camera said that Janko was annoyed at Mike and Logan, not by Bobby.

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