KSI responds to concerned fans over “not for human consumption” Prime bottles

Logan Paul and KSI with PRIME Hydration BottlesPRIME

British YouTuber, rapper, and entrepreneur Olajide ‘KSI’ Olatunji has responded to concerned fans after a video surfaced showing huge amounts of PRIME Hydration bottles being destroyed because they were “not for human consumption”.

PRIME Hydration has done little but add to KSI’s wildly successful career. The drink, founded alongside once boxing rival Logan Paul, has been so popular there are ongoing issues with its supply, especially in the UK.

The Brit has even been forced to respond to the emergence of a “black market” for PRIME, as well as an instance wherein a store took PRIME as payment for goods.

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On 25 November, KSI found himself once again fielding questions about his hydration product, this time relating to a video showing pallets of PRIME drinks being destroyed as a result of being “not for human consumption”.

Naturally, there was concern among fans as to what could have caused the large-scale disposal of PRIME drinks. Thankfully, KSI himself was on hand to offer a swift explanation.

“You lot don’t miss anything,” he joked, before explaining: “The manufacturer put too much electrolyte blend in an ice pop batch so we got our quality team to have them destroyed. We quality check every batch, so this is just part of the game lol. RIP to those Prime bottles.”

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Some did suggest that the disposal of PRIME drinks that don’t meet requirements may be contributing to the supply issues, but KSI’s difficulty in procuring his own product suggests the popularity of the drink is the main reason for stock shortages.

In a slightly earlier tweet, he revealed his struggles in getting PRIME for friends and family: “It’s actually so mad right now. I’m tryna get Prime sent to my friends and family however delivery drivers are just not delivering them. Instead they’re stealing them at the post office/from the van… OVER A HYDRATION DRINK?!?! WHAT IS GOING ON PEOPLE.”

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Hopefully, moving forwards, PRIME will become more readily available so even its own founder doesn’t have issues getting hold of it.

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