KSI accuses Logan Paul of lying over boxing fight appeal

KSIOlajidebtHD V2 (YouTube)

YouTube sensation, Olajide ‘KSI’ Olatunji, has accused Logan Paul of faking his appeal rejection from the Boxing Commission, which apparently claimed that Logan was “ahead on two cards” before the infamous two-point deduction.

After locking horns for six rounds, KSI clinched his first professional boxing victory versus Logan Paul by split decision.

After years of back-and-forth on social media and multiple press conferences, the feud was settled. However, not leaving any stone unturned, Paul challenged the referee’s decision to deduct two points in the (now infamous) fourth round. 

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Following on from the American’s appeal, the Boxing Commission rejected his plea to review the score — and it’s safe to say that KSI is “basking” in the outcome, as he taunted Paul’s appeal during a YouTube video uploaded on December 17.

Logan Paul (Twitter)Logan Paul, Twitter
KSI vs. Logan Paul 2 was the biggest internet sporting event in history.

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Not only did the Brit preempt Logan’s appeal backfiring, but he has now proceeded to scorn the long-time rival. While watching over Logan’s video titled: “congrats ksi,” Olatunji opened by thanking Paul for continually “giving him W’s.”

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KSI then went on to goad the American further by jesting: “Logan Paul is the only man to somehow lose twice in a boxing match.”

After throwing a series of verbal jabs in Paul’s direction, KSI discussed the pair’s scorecard after reading the message which Logan claimed was from the Commission.

Logan Paul (YouTube)According to the message shown in Logan Paul’s video, KSI only won “due to point deductions from the fouls [Logan] committed.”
Olatunji immediately questioned the authenticity of the message. “What are you on about?” KSI probed. “There’s no way someone from the Commission wrote this.”

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Not appearing convinced with the wording in the message, KSI then made a point to disprove the contents of the reply, by stating: “I’m looking at the scorecard right here… How have you won by points? This motherf**ker is lost!”

After Logan highlighted that he “was ahead on two cards,” KSI turned to his framed picture of the scorecards and questioned: “Where were you ahead?” after showing that this was not the case, according to the judges’ scoring.

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After settling the scorecard debacle, Olatunji listened to how Logan was only really “fighting himself” in the ring. Paul then suggested that he “lost that fight,” to which KSI lapped up and ridiculed him for losing again. 

“So that’s three ‘L’s’” KSI joked. “You lost against yourself, you lost against me and then you lost against the Commission!”

After poking fun at Logan, KSI continued to break-down the fight round-by-round by discounting any of Logan’s comments, before going on to discuss the “controversial” fourth round.

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